Karen Paffendorf's Home Page

Apologies for my hacked web pages. Apparently anything that was index.html was corrupted. Also the backups are apparantly not what I had hoped for. Not sure when this will be fixed...

The purpose of most of my pages is to keep my bookmarks in a place that is accessible no matter where I log in from. (This has the added benefit of being able to tell friends where to find things.) Since I am looking for speed and the ability to deal with the most limited browser I may use, most of my pages are very simple. Hope you find them useful.

I was looking for a software developement job in the SF bay area. Looks like I will be working with HP in Oct working on Service Guard. (1 2) For more about my work history see my resume. A formatted copy can be fax'ed upon request.

I maintain pages for the Eastern Shore Small Craft Institute. Each spring it holds a weekend, which provides an inexpensive and fun way to learn about various water sports.

I also scanned in a document, Waterfront Public Access Guide for Barnegat Bay Watershed, which is now out of print. I found out about this brochure on a half day kayaking trip in spring of 1998.

I have written a brief description of some of my other interests. The family tree has enough content to get its own page. I also have an old list of computer related links.

I have gathered collections of links from former roles in life: grad student, RUCS employee, and hunter of jobs ;) .

Due to popular request, I even have some pictures:

last update - July 1, 1999